COVID Policy

All persons attending any indoor 100 Club events must either (1) be fully vaccinated, or (2) have a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of the event.  Any persons feeling ill or exhibiting any COVID-like symptoms should not attend 100 Club events.

If a 100 Club event is taking place in a state, county or municipality whose COVID regulations are stricter than those contained in the 100 Club’s policy, all persons attending the event must comply with the regulations in effect in that location. Those members responsible for organizing events shall communicate any regulatory requirements that go beyond the 100 Club policy to the attendees sufficiently in advance of the event so as to ensure compliance.

For State and local policies and other information relevant to COVID (e.g., testing, vaccinations, etc.), visit the sites below.

State of Colorado
Garfield County

Questions or comments? Emil Cima is the Head of the Steering Committee