Hiking Maps

General Information
Glossary of Cartographic Terms (4)
Map Skills Booklet  (16)

April-June Day Hikes
Sutey Ranch/Red Hill
Ute Canyon/Liberty Cap-Otto’s Bathtub (2)
Storm King Firefighters Trail
The Lorax
Jeanne Golay (2)
Fisher Creek Loop
Nancy’s Path
Palisade Rim
Perham Creek
Three Forks
Game Creek/Lionshead Loop
Forest Hollow
Babbish Gulch
Granite Lakes

Capitol Reef Trip
Capitol Reef Area
Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyons
Goblin Valley State Park

Fruita Area Brochure (3)
Fruita Area Map
Cassidy Arch/Cohab Canyon
Capitol Gorge/Golden Throne
Cathedral Valley (West)
Pleasant Creek
Upper Muley Twist
Red Canyon
Surprise/Headquarters Canyons

Capitol Reef Fact Sheets
Welcome to Capitol Reef
Hickman Bridge Trailhead
Chimney Rock Trail
Exploring Scenic Drive
Fremont River Trail
Cohab Canyon Trail
Grand Wash and Cassidy Arch
Capitol Gorge Trailhead
Under Pressure
Changing Landscapes
Furious Flows

Capitol Reef Brochures (not included in printed map sets)
Fruita Area14 (2)
Cathedral District14 (2)
Waterpocket District14 (2)
Spring Canyon14 (4)
Pleasant Creek14 (2)
Sulphur Creek14 (2)
Upper Muley Twist14 (2)
Lower Muley Twist14 (3)

Wind River (Pinedale) Trip
Wind River Area
Elkhart Park
Green River Lakes (North)
Green River Lakes (South)
New Fork River
Spring Creek Park (Trapper Lake Loop)
Half Moon/Fayette Lakes

Boulder Canyon/Lake Ethel
Big Sandy (West)
Big Sandy (East)

Most maps and some documents are in “letter” format (8.5″ x 11″).  Some maps and brochures found on this web page are in the larger, legal format (i.e., 8.5″ x 14″) and are so indicated with the numeral “14” appended to the filename (e.g., Fruita Area14).  Due to their exceptional size, these documents are not part of your paper map sets, but they are included on CD map sets and on this website. If you choose to print them, and your printer is capable of printing this larger format (most are), we recommend that you print them on legal-size stationery.  Otherwise, maps will be scaled down roughly 25%, making them more difficult to read.

Though most maps are single pages, some are multi-page documents. Numbers in parentheses (#) indicate the number of pages of multi-page documents (e.g., the Fruita Area Brochure (3), is the same as the Fruita Area14 (2) document reformatted to fit on 3 letter-size pages instead of 2 legal-size pages). Maps marked with an asterisk (*) either are new or have been modified since paper map sets were printed. We recommend that you use these revised maps in lieu of the originals.