Hiking Maps

General Information
Glossary of Cartographic Terms (4)
Map Skills Booklet  (16)

September-October Day Hikes
Independence Pass
Mountain Boy Peak (15)
North Fork/Lone Pine
Haystack Mountain*
Mansfield Ditch
South Canyon
Ashcroft/McArthur Mtns.|Taylor Pass/Lake
Snowmass Area
Snowmass Rim
Skyline Ridge
East Elk/Spring Creek
Glassier-Buckhorn Loop

Kanab Trip
Eagle Canyon (North of I-70)
Mammoth Cave (2)
Kanab Area14*
Coral Pink Sand Dunes Brochure14*
Zion Brochure
Clear Creek Canyon (overview)
Clear Creek NE
Clear Creek SW
Clear Creek NW
Mountain of the Sun/East Temple14*
East Mesa-Stave Spring (2)
Cable-Deertrap Mountains
Buckskin Gulch-Paria Canyon (3)
Parunuweap Canyon14*
Parunuweap Canyon (2)
Wahweap Toadstools
Diana’s Throne
Red Canyon
Squaw-Cliffs-Tom’s Canyon Loop*
Mansard Great Diverse*

Maps marked with an asterisk (*) either are new or have been modified since paper map sets were published. Numbers in parentheses (#) indicate the number of pages of multi-page documents (e.g., Buckskin Gulch-Paria Canyon (3)).

Most maps and other documents are in “letter” format (8.5″ x 11″).  Non-standard formats (i.e., “legal” size 8.5″ x 14″) are so indicated with the numeral “14” appended to the filename (e.g., Parunuweap Canyon14).  Due to their exceptional size, these documents are not part of your paper map sets, but are included on CD map sets and on this website. If you choose to print them, and your printer is capable of printing this format (most are), we recommend that you print them on legal-size stationery.  Otherwise, you will lose resolution.

All of the above maps are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. Click on them to launch Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Reader, you can get the free download HERE.