Hiking Maps

General Information
Glossary of Cartographic Terms (4)
Map Skills Booklet (16)

September-October Day Hikes
Woody/Spruce Creek
Ironedge/Mystic Island Lake
North Fork/Lone Pine Loop
Huntsman Ridge
East Elk/Spring Creeks
No Name/Grizzly Creeks
South Canyon
Main Canyon

Salida Trip
Kokomo/Tennessee Passes (2)
Leadville/Salida Area Maps (2)
Downtown Salida
Browns Creek/Falls
Monarch Pass Trails
Starvation/Silver Creeks
Mount Harvard/Kroenke Lake
Mount Yale/Hartenstein Lake/Ptarmigan Lake
Salida Mountain Trails (2)
Turquoise Lake Area

Though most maps are single pages, some are multi-page documents. Numbers in parentheses (#) indicate the number of pages of multi-page documents (e.g., Glossary of Cartographic Terms (4)). Maps marked with an asterisk (*) either are new or have been modified since paper map sets were printed. We recommend that you use these revised maps in lieu of the originals, since they may contain new or corrected information.