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This is your one-stop shopping center for most hike-related information.  Check the Hikers’ Blog for periodic updates on upcoming hikes and other events.              
    Above:  Bryce Canyon (Wall Street)                       Photo by John Burg; concept by M.C. Escher

2019 Hiking Schedule (color) (2)
2019 Hiking Schedule (B&W) (2)
2019 Hiking Calendar (2)
2019 Explanatory Notes
2019 Overnight Trips (2)
Hiking Protocols (for ALL hikers) (2)
Leader & Recorder Duties
Attendance & Mileage Report (for Recorders)

Liability Waiver (for Recorders)
2019 Hike Leaders & Recorders (as of 3/18)

All of the above documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  Click on them to launch Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Reader, click HERE for a free download.  Numbers in parentheses (#) indicate the number of pages of multi-page documents.

The first three files below provide a running total of your 2018 mileage as of the dates indicated. They are pdfs which will launch in new windows when you click on them. If your name is not on them, it’s because you have not logged any miles with us in 2018. The third file also is a pdf, and it contains the names and mileages of those hikers who will receive annual mileage pins this year. It too will launch in its own window when you click on it.  And the last file contains annual mileages for 2011 though 2018 to date, as well as the total mileage you accrued prior to 2011, if you hiked with the club anytime between 1991 & 2010. In addition to annual data, the last file shows your total mileage to date and # of miles you need to reach your next milestone.

2018 HIKE MILEAGE 4/23 – 7/4 (3)
2018 HIKE MILEAGE 7/9 – 9/10 (3)
2018 HIKE MILEAGE 9/12 – 10/31 (3)
TOTAL HIKE MILES 1991-2018 (3)