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John enjoying the panorama of Snowmass Canyon and the Elk Range

Upcoming overnight trips
In August (5-9 to be exact), we’re heading to Steamboat Springs…our first visit there since 2010. I planned that trip, and I’m afraid I was a bit of an overachiever on that one, as my performance is largely responsible for my current situation…cat herder in chief for life. You know what they say, ”Don’t be irreplaceable in your current job, or you can never be promoted.” But the only step-up from this job would be a step-down.

I shouldn’t have to “sell” Steamboat Springs…it should speak for itself. It’s not just famous for its Champagne Powder ™ (yes, it’s trademarked). There are wonderful trails in the (Mount) Zirkel Wilderness, not the least of which is the “Zirkel Circle”, an 11-mile loop we hiked back in 2010…before I knew it was called the Zirkel Circle. It’s habitat to a rare population of white monkshood and one of the best hikes in Colorado…certainly worth doing again. We’ll also revisit Fish Creek Falls (Lower and Upper), with an option to loop back to Steamboat via Mount Werner and the Thunderhead Gondola.

But first we’ll be taking a stroll across the Devils Causeway on our way to Steamboat. Acrophobes may choose to view it from the security of its eastern approach. It was on last year’s schedule as a day hike, but I opted to postpone it one year to avoid the 200-mile round-trip drive. It’s only a short detour en route to Steamboat. There are several hikes there, so we will revisit it on our way home. Day hikers will take a different hike on Monday (August 5), Cross Creek, off the Tigiwon Road south of Minturn. Last time we hiked it, several of you commented that we should do this one more often…so we are. For details on Steamboat lodging options, check out the “2019 Overnight Trips” file. You remember how to use these bold blue hypertext links, don’t you?

Our final overnighter of the year, Salida (pronounced Sal-EYE-duh by Coloradoans), will be September 16-20. It should be a good trip, with lots of new terrain to visit. For you peak baggers, there are 4-5 possible 14ers to climb in the area, including Shavano/Tabeguache, Antero, Yale & Princeton. You may choose to spent Sunday night (9/15) in Buena Vista (pronounced B-you-nuh Vista aka B-you-nee by Coloradoans…don’t get me started), so you can get an early departure on one of the Collegiate Peaks on Monday. But I have my eyes on an area in the Sangre de Cristos, Rito Alto, that’s intrigued me for many years…before I moved to Colorado, in fact. For those of us who don’t plan to bag a 14er on Monday, we’ll be hiking the North Fork of Lake Creek (just east of Independence Pass). This will also serve as a day hike for those of you who won’t be joining us in Salida.

The rest of 2019 Hiking Schedule can be found by clicking the link to the left or by visiting the Hikers’ Corner page on this website. In addition, you can find the Explanatory Notes, and Hiking Protocols in the same location.